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*Prices are pre-tax. Recreational customers add 20% to listed prices.

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Starting at $3.00/gram all the way up to top shelf selections, we have over 30 strains available to select from!

No matter what you're looking for you can find it on our Menu above or visit our menu page on WeedMaps!

Extracts & Concentrates


With extract choices ranging from budget concentrates starting at $5.00/gram ranging up to the highest terpene profile choices you'll find anywhere; we have a selection of the finest concentrates in Oregon.

Cannabis Edibles


We have all types of edibles including: brownies, gummies,  tinctures, sodas, and much more!

Medicinal-grade products such as RSO, capsules, and topicals are also available. See our menu for one of the largest edibles selections in Southern Oregon!

cannabis accessories

Everything Else!

-Pre-Rolled Joints

-Vape Pens

-Pen Batteries

-Vape Cartridges


-Smoking Accessories

-And much more in the other & Accessories section above!

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