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ALL TESTING RULES HAVE CHANGED! None of this information applies to the new rec laws...



At "A Better Way Medicinal Alternatives, LLC" we purchase only high quality, organically grown cannabis and cannabis products. If you are an OMMP registered patient and/or person authorized to transfer (only a patient, caregiver, or grower) you may download or pick up forms at our facility, and call to set-up an appointment to meet with the PRF, Edward Medina Jr., to discuss the option of selling your excess cannabis.


We purchase MMJ by appointment with the PRF only!   (Appointments are usually made Tuesday to Thursday, between 2pm and 5pm).


Here are the requirements for ABWMA, LLC. to purchase from you:


1. An MMD transfer authorization form MUST be filled out, and brought to the appointment. Download form here. Please read the state rules by clicking here. ** It is up to the seller to fully understand the terms and legalities of this program.


Items to bring to the appointment:

A. A Copy of the PATIENTS photo ID - Front and back.

B. A Copy of the PATIENTS OMMP card - front and back.

C. A Copy of the person authorized to transfer's photo ID - front and back

D. A copy of the person authorized to transfer's OMMP card - front and back

E. A copy of the "Transfer Authorization Form" filled out completely and signed by the patient


2. A patient/person authorized to transfer is only allowed to transport/sell the amount they are legally allowed to possess under OMMP law.


3. All cannabis and cannabis products will be weighed, and evaluated at that time.


4. The PRF will make a ball-park offer to you *Offers are completely dependent on testing results, and may be changed at any time. It is the patient's/person authorized to transfer/PRF's option to accept or deny the offer at any time prior to payment.  


5. A sample from the batch will be taken, the batch and sample will be numbered with an identifier, then placed in a locked, segregated storage unit until testing results are received. Each batch must be tested seperately, as per state law.


6. Once a batch passes all required testing, a payment will be issued for the agreed upon amount. No payment will be made for batches that fail testing, or batches not purchased by our facility.


7. If the batch FAILS any of the required testing, then the batch will be returned to the patient/person authorized to transfer.


8. Once a batch is purchased from the patient/person authorized to transfer, it becomes the property of the dispensary, and the patient/person authorized to transfer has no claim to it.



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